Border COllie

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    Work = Typically ISDS/ABCA registered. The breeder breeds primary for herding. Show = The breeder breeds show line primary for shows.
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    This page is just a simple list of Border Collie breeders around the world. Anyone can send new breeders to the list, only country, kennel name, and website url address are asked.

    The page is divided by continents, and under every continent, there are countries sorted in alphabetical order, and for the last, the breeders are under their countries also listed alphabetically.

    Clicking by a country name, you will end up on a page with only breeders from that country.

    There are three options for a breeding line:

    • work
      • ONLY ISDS, ABCA/AWBC/other working line breeder. The breeder breeds dogs primary for herding.
      • mixed line litters/breeders aren’t supposed to go under ”work”, even if their dogs do herding.
      • NO agility, obedience, working dog trial etc. kennels/lines
      • For people who are looking for herding working dogs.
    • show
      • ONLY show lined dogs. Even though some working/mixed line dogs success in conformations, they aren’t show lined.
      • For people who are looking for show dogs.
    • none
      • If the breeder doesn’t have purely working lined or show lined dogs, or the lining is not known, there won’t be any mention of a breeding line.
      • Sport/performance kennels belong here.

    The line isn’t really a big deal, and the vast majority of the breeders go under ”none”.